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Bodywork Practitioner


Top Photo: Marion Rosen and Me, 2009

Bottom Photo: Elaine Mayland -- Rosen teacher extraordinaire -- and Me, 2009

Based on the unique contributions of Marion Rosen, P.T., Founder   June 24, 1914 - January 18, 2012

One of the many things I've learned in my Rosen studies is the word, the concept and the practice of "allowing". Sharing a safe space with a Rosen practitioner I've learned to let others contact and connect with me, and me them, on a very deep level. I've learned to allow myself to truly relax, to feel what my body is doing, to feel my own emotions. And to allow myself to be open to what comes up for me in a session, whatever emotion, notions, thought, color, scene, sensation, physical, spiritual or emotional. Then to allow myself to acknowledge, perhaps even with words out loud, those things that come up. Sometimes they are honest-to-goodness AH-HA moments, emotional release moments or so subtle it hardly registers. I've learned though that all truly are worth the time and energy.

My intention with my Rosen practice is to open to, connect with and hold space for others that will allow them to make the same kinds of discoveries about and for themselves.

A typical Rosen Method Bodywork session is about 60 minutes long. It begins with a check-in, then much like a massage, the client lays covered by a sheet on a massage table. With touch, I begin focusing on areas of muscle tension (holding), paying attention to you, your body and what you're becoming aware of and feeling. Together we create a place where both of us can feel safe to open up to and acknowledge whatever comes up for you, and where I can also share my impressions and observations. It's a place to be heard, feel supported, and explore your unique path to self-discovery and wholeness.

"In this safe and caring environment, you can rediscover those unconscious places and parts of yourself that long to be received, reclaimed and integrated. A deep sense of relief, understanding and compassion come forward as you regain these exiled parts and feelings. Freed of habitual tension and holding patterns, you become acquainted with ease and have room to be all that you can be, to feel deeply connected to yourself and others and to allow a greater sense of well-being, choice and potential in your life. You are able to be more completely alive."

~Miriam Cantor, Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement Teacher, Practitioner, and My Internship Supervisor.

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